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In this section we’ll take a deep dive into why websites are slow.

We start with the right mindset, understanding core concepts, and how to prioritize website performance from a business perspective. We’ll also learn how to think about website performance, and the common pitfalls beginners fall into when optimizing their website.

Then we dive into a quick discussion about the most common reasons why websites are slow. We’ll also tackle the most common misconceptions people have about WordPress website’s performance and why you can ignore them.

In this section we talk how Google has updated the definition of “website performance” and how it has evolved and merged with user experience.

We will also cover the actual metrics Google is looking for when it looks at a website’s performance.

After that we’ll talk about the various tools you can use to measure your website’s performance and how you can focus on the most important numbers rather than getting lost in the details.

In this section we take a hands-on approach and we start implementing changes to our website.

We’ll also talk about the various tools available to optimize websites, and what are our recommendations.

With each lesson in this section, you’ll not only learn what to do, but also the fundamentals behind that decision making. Armed with the right knowledge, you will learn how to make decisions regarding website performance yourself.

Course Instructor

He has extensive knowledge about SEO, and with his brief entrepreneurial venture, he has developed a practical approach to website optimization that ties in with business goals.
In this course, he holds nothing back and shares practical tips on website performance optimization that everyone, even WordPress beginners, can follow.
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