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SkillJet is built for online entrepreneurs, developers, agencies, freelancers, business owners and all who earn their income online.

Courses that will help you build and manage successful WordPress and eCommerce businesses. Learn from courses on creating websites, acquiring new customers, managing clients, increasing revenue, and more!

Free courses can be accessed by all. To access the free courses, you will need to –

  • Login to the SkillJet Academy.
  • Click on the All Courses menu.
  • Open a free course (one with Free tag).
  • Click on Start Learning.

This course is now added to your set of courses. You can access it through Account > My Courses.

Similarly, you can access the other free courses in SkillJet.

All the Premium courses in the SkillJet Academy are accessible to Growth Bundle customers only.

Therefore, to access SkillJet Premium courses, you will need to –

  • Have an active license of the Growth Bundle.
  • Access the SkillJet Academy by referring to the article here.
  • Go to Account > My Courses.

You will see all the courses listed here.

Successful veterans of the industry and domain experts. Based on their relevant expertise, they have been carefully vetted and picked by the Astra team.

1. Speed: Unlike other courses that will take you days & weeks to complete, our courses are short.
2. Expertise: The course instructors have proven their experience by launching and running successful online ventures.
3. Value: The utility of the course content far exceeds your time and money investment.

No. We only offer an all-inclusive package, and all the content in part of your membership.

The instructors are carefully vetted and selected by our team. But, if you believe that you can add value to the community with your experience – then let us know and we would be happy to discuss further. Contact us using this link.

Absolutely! We will always be adding new content in the relevant areas that will help online businesses be more successful.

Please get in touch with us using this form.
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