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Course Details

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If you are a freelancer, a consultant, or a business owner, you know the importance of creating a winning proposal. Your proposal helps you seal the deal after your initial pitch. Hence, it must incorporate the right elements and a systematic approach to winning new clients easily.
From the initial sales call to creating a proposal, handling client objections and negotiations to invoicing, there is a proven system and process to close deals without being too salesy.
It’s about creating systems to communicate with your prospects and solving their problems. And most importantly, it’s about making your prospects confident about working with you.

The end goal is not to be too ‘salesy.’ Rather, just be exceptionally good at what you do! This course addresses all this and more.

Through this course, we aim to help you craft some winning proposals that will get you more clients and, as a result, help generate more revenue for you and your business.

Bonus Resources

We’ve also included some great resources and templates in this course to help you.

Course Instructor

Dave Swift brings in his vast experience of helping entrepreneurs decide what they need to scale and build a more profitable business into this course.
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